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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. You will be provided with limited online access to test the courses. Please tell us about your project and include the names of the courses you wish to test.

No LMS? No Problem! Zillion eLearning develops all courses on HTML technology and generate articulate 360 links. The courses can be run online from a web server on your internet without usage and completion tracking

Team Zillion eLearning would be happy to assist you in any difficulty related to eLearning courses on every stage including deployment of the courses.

Yes! Definitely. We can provide narration, translation and transcription of the courses into languages of your choice.

Zillion eLearning is very flexible in this approach. We usually process the changes in around 48 hours after the initial request of our clients.

Yes. Our produced modules are responsive and SCORM-compliant. They will work on multiple digital devices as well as browser versions.

The time and cost required is generally calculated on the individual requirements of each course. The level of interactions, animations, illustrations and graphic/media elements determine the time period. You can send us your storyboard / content and we will let you know within 24 hours.

Yes, Zillion eLearning provides the services of ILT to eLearning conversion.

Zillion eLearning takes the protection and security of their clients very seriously. The data related to the modules are kept confidential even after the production of the courses. Your personal data is encrypted when communicated over the internet and when stored.

Yes. We will provide you with all the source files. You can update the files yourself, if required in the future.

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