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Our Culture and Values

At Zillion we believe the way we treat people and knowledge is the reflection of our core values of caring, integrity, loyalty, total quality innovation and responsive.​

We Believe…

Being a shining star of the eLearning industry, we feel responsible to play an influential role in positively shaping our world through training of its inhabitants. We measure our own contributions with a triple bottom line: economic, Social and Impact-driven. Our values are reinforced and acknowledged daily by:

We Care!

A simple Sentiment “We speak the truth”

We never miss commitments or fail to tell the whole truth.

With a culture of “today is great” and “tomorrow is going to be better” We take steps necessary to make it so.

We do not subpar work or present ourselves poorly.

We embrace creativity to bring continuous improvement.

We never fail to act on opportunities to bring the happiness to our employees, customers or partners.

Our Vision
To influence people to add goodness to the world through the impact-driven and success-driven elearning.

To influence as many learners as possible by becoming the most influential customized eLearning solutions provider.
Our Mission

Zillion eLearning designs, develops, and markets instructional products and services for the corporate, education, government, and healthcare e-learning industries. It affords companies and institutions cost-effective, progressive, flexible and well supported solutions to their instructional design and e-learning operational needs. Its principal goal is client satisfaction, serving client interests as an ally and loyal business partner. The company operates on a for-profit basis and provides an engaging and equitable work environment for its owners, employees, and contractors.

To arrive, at a thorough understanding of the purchase decision of our client’s prospects and customers. Then, once that understanding is arrived at, using eLearning to create a persuasive case that will move the market place measurably in our client’s direction.

We are privileged to be part of a craft that utilities learning potential, enables change, and helps in creating a better world to live.

We own a deep understanding of our clients needs and their business drivers and then deliver the best solution that gets the desired results

To help every client to grow requires improvement in our operations, that is why we faster the culture of continual innovation.

To reach top of a mountain once and call it to be successful is not what the meaning of success at Zillion is. We believe in forever stay at the top by walking on the path of learning.


Our competitive advantage is based on commitment,
innovation and pursuing good things, which positively
impacts our work, out team, our client and the world
around us.

Understanding Our
Guiding Principles

Our mission, vision, and values are distilled from a number of guiding principles. We share these principle here to give you a richer flavour of who we are.

We Provide Infinite Solutions

Since our inception, we have strived in both words and actions to care about success of our client and partners by offering infinite solutions. This has been a differentiating core values. We keep our clients and partners ahead of their competition by providing them with innovative and creative eLearning

We Provide Limitless Possibilities

We have a trustworthy team that utilizes its full potential to offer limitless possibilities for enhancing the client’s business by training their respected employees. We do this because we feel we have the ability and responsibilities to play a significant role in positively shaping our world by training its inhabitants. We measure our own contribution with a triple bottom line economic, innovative and impact-driven.

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