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How To Integrate eLearning Initiatives In Your L&OD Strategy

How To Integrate eLearning Initiatives In Your L&OD Strategy It is not a secret that businesses today are faster than ever and if one is slow to adapt then they get left behind. Before the world of online learning even existed, the traditional physical in-person learning was the only option accessible for all. The global transition from traditional […]


LEVELS OF INTERACTIVITY IN eLEARNING The growing need of digital learning is of benefit to the society. With widespread enrollment and its cost effectiveness, eLearning is contributing towards human capital development now more than ever with better communication, improved performance and skills. What is eLearning? It is easier to understand what eLearning is when we […]


We live in a world of continuous change where trends are fluctuating in the eLearning industry very rapidly. The progress of eLearning post coronavirus pandemic is growing promptly due to lockdown restrictions in almost every part of the world. This makes it easier to understand why eLearning industry took a flight to the sky in […]

The Effect of Digitization and Technology on Leaders

Organizations are swiftly shifting due to the implementation of digital technologies. This progression has extensive implications for workers and leaders. The mounting increase in the job sector demands use of advanced technology to meet the global requirements. Executives play an important role in keeping transparency and liability of the organization. E-leader, a specific name is […]

The Entrepreneur Guide To Creating B2B Online Courses

Average salaries are rising globally, but not enough to keep stride with the cost of education. A private, nonprofit college, average net tuition, and fees this fall was $14,220, up from an inflation-adjusted $13,340 last year. Including residence, the net price rose from $24,980 to $26,100. Published tuition and fees at private schools gradually increased […]

Convert PowerPoint to an interactive eLearning course in a Snap

The COVID-19 has made many of us either take or give online classes, and most likely for the first time. It has been 4 months into lockdown, and we are all wondering when normal learning services will resume. Upon monitoring the web traffic for the eLearning industry, Traffic changes were detected to be increased 8,135% […]

Audio in eLearning: How to Create High-Quality Audio For eLearning?

How important is audio in eLearning? Well, this can be explained easily. We can look at a slightly uncomfortable image, we can look at a slightly over-exposed or a little bit of a grainy image, but on the other hand conversely, we cannot look at a well color graded image and be hearing a buzzing […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Corporate Training

Coronavirus reported cases have risen rapidly in the period of a few months and COVID-19 has evolved from patient-zero to now a pandemic. Millions are quarantined and hundreds of cities are completely locked down. The deadly outbreak has left countries around the globe counting costs. Business owners are staggered at the big shifts in the […]

5 Tips For A Successful Online Teaching Session Amid Corona Virus Closure

With the increasing risk of Coronavirus and the rising number of sufferers, educational departments around the world are hustling to shift their classes online. Many tier institutions in Pakistan including NUST, Bahira University, Roots IVY have moved to virtual learning in response to the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan. Pakistani educational institutes have been increasingly used […]

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