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Gamification in e-learning is the best way to engage employees by developing results-oriented online training. Games are fun yet provide higher employee engagement and better training results.

Gamification helps in developing problem solving capabilities but in a COOL way!

Today everyone talks about gamification in the realm of eLearning! Do games really have worth to be used in corporate sector? In financial aspects, highly interactive game is also a big investment.

The Good News

Research shows that when games are inducted to meet specific learning objectives and relate back to the learner's actual job, they can be highly effective and have no other sustainable substitute. Games developed by the Zillion keep the learners and learning goals in minds at every interaction, enhancing your ROI without breaking your bank.

Three Reasons Games Work


Game instill to-do attitude. Usually "training" elicit the notions of moans and groans from the learners. No worries, bring them to the world of Zillion's games that provide a high level of excitement. With just one experience there will be positive change in their mindset.


Games nurture higher-order thinking. What 'Attitude & Behaviours' you look for in your people. Do you want them to know just some concepts or to bring real positive changes in their actions? If it's the latter, Zillion gamification provides a hands-on experience that enables learners to apply knowledge gained during the training.


Games improve motivation and knowledge. Imagine a place where you can choose alternative paths in a story of a character and learn about the end results, all without detrimental consequences to your job or career. This is what games in elearning offer. Surely, the knowledge gained will be there to be implied in real life decisions.

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