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Rapid eLearning

We understand that sometimes you need rapid elearning solutions for your organizational development. However, we at Zillion eLearning don’t compromise on quality when developing rapid eLearning content. Our team of experienced eLearning developers, instructional designers and graphic designers make sure the courses remain visually appealing and effective by using the suitable Rapid authoring tools. Our Rapid eLearning content is designed to be as effective as any customized eLearning course.

Rapid elearning is the answer when there is time and budget constraints!

Sometimes there are time, content, and budget constraints to go for full-cycle eLearning development. But at the same time you don't want to compromise on certain key design and development criteria either. Don't worry! Zillion has vast experience to meet such challenges by offering Rapid eLearning.

Our Rapid eLearning follows:

  • Short Development cycle.
  • Small, multi-skilled and dedicated teams to respond your needs quickly.
  • Prebuilt, attractive and professional graphics + template for reducing cost
  • SCORM complaint and designed to be compatible to the technologies and the systems you already use and flexible enough to work with the ones you'll use tomorrow.

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