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Our Team

Zillion eLearning is 50-ish people and growing. Each of us is grateful, and ecstatic, that we get to work with such smart, committed and awesome teammates. we are one big team with sub-teams held together closely by our culture of caring and dedication to our craft. Below are of the folks -by no means all-you may encounter when we are working together

With a background in Business Operations Management, Ahmad Faran works in the role of “Chief Operating Officer” in Zillion eLearning. He approaches each project by working backwards from its objectives and creating a plan that carries the whole team towards that end. As a manager, he believes that the most successful projects begin and end with clear and open lines of communication between all parties involved. As each project then progresses through the different stages and is handed off to the different team members, he ensures that expectations are being met on both sides and that nothing falls through the cracks. He also ensures that there is no communication gap between our partners and our organization. He bridges the communication between client’s expectations and our output. Ahmad looks after our Australian office in Sydney, NSW.

Ahmad Faran

Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner-Australia Region

Usman Tahir

VP-Learning, Concept and Graphics

Usman is an information maniac in the learning industry in Pakistan. His career has spanned learning and training, advertising, marketing, and fine art. He is co-founder of Zillion eLearning. Usman is leading Zillion eLearning’s concept and graphics staff. He has done strategy communications engagements worldwide with over 100 projects under his belt.

Bill Hinsch is Zillion eLearning’s Business Developer located in Toledo Ohio. Bill’s background includes stints as a newspaper journalist, Learning and Training professional and eLearning design, sales, and production practitioner.

He started in the newspaper filed as an Art Director later transitioning to Learning and Training as co-founder of Root Learning where he created learning maps for over 300 Multinational companies in USA, Europe and New Zealand.

Bill Lives in Perrysburg, Ohio with his three children, Alex, Nick and Emily and his wife Carol.

Bill W. Hinsch

VP-Business Development, Art & Communication

Madiha Iftikhar

Creative Director

Madiha is Creative Director at Zillion eLearning where she leads projects centered around E-learning. She is transitioning towards Coaching career in “Organizational Leadership”.

Born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan, she is a design nerd with years of experience managing and building creative teams. She is curious about new formats, strategic in approach, and capable of bringing both expertise and an open mind to any discussion.

Madiha believes in the importance of empowering other creatives, and has contributed to this work by participating in speaking engagements. She also frequently supports women-led causes—like Women Entrepreneurial Summit, UNDP-US Workshops on Women Empowerment, National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad–Talks on Women Leadership.

Madiha loves listening to music, watching Netflix and writing short stories.

With over 7 years of experience in human resources, employment/career counselling and training, Adnan’s greatest asset is his keen ability to analyze problems and produce effective solutions. When looking for the most appropriate solution to resolving human resources challenges, his well thought out ideas and exceptional thoroughness ensures that he has left no stone unturned. After graduating from NUST with a Masters in HR, Adnan gained a vast experience across multiple industries including; Banking, Telecommunications and FMCG, with multinationals like Mobilink, Telenor and Unilever. Previously he has worked in the areas of Learning & Development, Business Partnering and HR Operations.

His areas of focus include leadership, team-building, communication, customer service, presentation skills, relationship-building, rapport, influencing, conflict management, negotiation, innovation and creative thinking, self-motivation, motivating others, diversity and inclusion, stress management, sales acceleration and time management.

Adnan Babar Reshi​

Director-Content Development & Training​

Abdul Basit

Team Lead-E-learning​

Abdul Basit is a passionate Team Leader and a creative learning developer. In his tenure, he started working with Zillion eLearning as an eLearning Developer but through his hard work and exceptional leadership qualities earned him the title of Team Lead—E-learning. He is a great example of Zillion eLearning’ philosophy—Growth from within. He also enjoys working in different roles at different times. He is responsible to develop bespoke, responsive, engaging and interactive eLearning courses. With his team, he develops frameworks, templates and interactions using a variety of coding frameworks and eLearning authoring tools. He integrates content and assets in an interactive and interesting fashion. In his spare time, Abdul Basit likes to read Poetry and play board, card, and computer games.

As a Creative Lead, Neha’s role is to create innovative and creative eLearning design for our client-partners. Prior to working for Zillion eLearning, Neha has worked as an illustrator and a storyboard artist, so she’s always been great at providing visual representation that corresponds to the core of the associated text or idea. Clients are central to Neha’s work and are therefore given the opportunity to have input throughout projects. Outside of work, Neha enjoys sketching, music and digital illustration.

Neha Anwar

Creative Lead

Tayyaba Sabir

eLearning Developer

Tayyaba joined Zillion eLearning in 2019 as an eLearning developer. With a degree in Computer Arts, she loves all things to do with art and design which provides her the relevant skills she uses to create compelling visuals. Tayyaba is highly experienced in communicating thoughts and ideas into eye-catching designs to provide our client-partners with the best eLearning solutions possible.

Outside of work, Tayyaba can be found either hitting the gym, taking photographs or driving her way to McDonalds. She regularly plays table tennis with her friends.

Muhammad Musab is responsible for looking after all of Zillion eLearning’s off-the-shelf content. He is always looking for the latest trends and searching for solutions to satisfy the needs of every sector Zillion eLearning works with. Working with an incredible team of Subject Matter Experts, Muhammad Musab monitors all the markets for learning and assesses what we need to change, how and when. Muhammad Musab has a pedigree of Product Management across learning technologies specifically.

Outside of the office, Muhammad has a wide range of interests from sports to motorbikes! Most often, you’ll find him on long rides on his favorite 250CC motorbike.

Muhammad Musab

eLearning Developer

Sameer Ahmed

Full Stack Developer

Sameer is responsible for looking at all the designing user interactions on websites, developing servers and databases for website functionality and coding for mobile platforms. Even before getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Sameer has always been passionate about building websites since he was a teenager. In the past, he has built websites for family and friends with business. Sameer loves taking challenges at work and get a real sense of achievement when they are complete.

Outside the office, Sameer has a wide range of interests from sports to science. Most often you’ll find him in grocery stores picking the healthiest foods.

Haya manages all our social media channels, writes blogs for our website, closely works on the social media strategies and produce engaging social media content as well. She graduated with a degree in Communication and Media Studies and joined Zillion eLearning in 2019. She has a real passion for social media and a slightly unhealthy obsession with Instagram and Pinterest.

Haya loves meeting new people and is incapable of walking past a dog without petting it. When not working, she loves to read blogs, search funny dog videos and watch horror movies.

Haya Umer

Social Media Executive

Haris Khan

Video Editor

Haris joined Zillion eLearning as soon as he graduated as a video artist. He joined us because of his extra ordinary skills and his expertise are helping us in moving forward in an innovative direction. Haris is always looking into new trends and things to make his projects creative. He is open in learning new skills and so is growing his skills as 3D artist as well.

Other than work, music is the ultimate home for Haris and he is up for all genres of it.

Muneeb joined Zillion eLearning in 2020 as a web developer after completing his degree in Computer Science. With his 3 experience of web and software development, he is able to provide us with all kind of information that he has. He is equally hardworking and passionate for his profession which makes him stand out in our team.

Apart from work, muneeb is a big video games enthusiast and loves beating people up in that.

Muneeb Alam

Web Developer

Saba Faiza

Graphic Designer

Zillion eLearning is proud to have Saba as Graphic Designer. Her role is to develop innovative ideas and use her creativity in producing our major projects. Saba is one of the most experienced designer we have here as she has been working with major firms for a couple of years. She open knots of complicated ideas and present them as simple as possible.

After work, she spends most of her time with her family and her dog that she heartily adores. She is passionate about art and crafts and usually does that in her alone time.

As a 3D Designer, Rimsha is here to work on 3D projects. With a degree in Computer Arts, she has a very strong aesthetic sense that makes her project to shine. She has joined us in 2020 and her presence has made our firm grow. She open knots of complicated ideas and present them as simple as possible. Her skill in 3D max is out spoken which provides us with all kind of support.

Other than work, Rimsha is a Kpop maniac. Her dream is to visit Korea someday soon. She loves to read fictional books and go for trips to enchanting places.

Rimsha Kiyani

3D Designer

Faraz Nadeem

Graphic Designer

Faraz chose this field due to his artistic interest in design. He has an eye for pleasing designs that helps him and us to work in alignment. He is a big Adobe expert and nobody other than him knows the best use of all the software. He is hardworking and once he put his mind into something, he will end up getting all the desired results.

After work, Faraz plays snooker to keep up with the day.

Iqra is responsible for managing our social media platforms and producing creative content. She did her graduation in Communication and Graphic Design and is blogging and designing altogether in Zillion eLearning. She has experience in Mobile apps and web as well as in branding and is an Instagram enthusiast.

Other than office, Iqra is passionate about illustrating her favorite characters from series, doodling, writing journal, listening to music and handling her own Instagram page.

Iqra Zahid

Social Media Executive

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