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Everything You Need To know About Game-Based Assessments

In the world of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation, Game-based assessments are not a new term for many of us. Countless organizations are gamifying their traditional corporate training and using game-based assessments to attract talent as well. Where traditional tests can feel boring, long and stressful, games are thought of as something exciting and engaging. The interactive games provide a positive experience while gaining valuable and predictive insight into a player’s skills.

The player goes through a list of tasks and these psychometric assessments measure the player’s cognitive ability covering logic, intelligence, and multitasking, as they sail through each level. The game then analyses how the candidate played and gives an evaluation of whether the candidate is likely to be successful in the role. It recognizes factors like how the candidate generally approach complication and reacts to changes in requirements, risk, and ambiguity.

Why Choose Game-Based Assessments:

  • The expeditiously fast game-based assessments help reveal the actual ability of the candidate including their responses and natural behavior.
  • Game-based assessments are adaptive and progress as the player engages with the game. The assessment is framed according to the aptitude of the player making the hiring process more inclusive and accurate for candidates.
  • In many interviews, the recruiters complain of being deceived by the interviewer which is the biggest risk in the hiring process. But in game-based assessments, candidates tend to participate exactly the way they are in person.
  • Rather than using a traditional MCQ pattern, or judging someone’s ability on solely their qualification, Game-based assessments provide a fair and accurate result. This minimizes the stigma and risk of biasness as well.

At Zillion eLearning we’ve begun to see these benefits emerge, with the likes of our game-based assessments, Cognify and our newly launched Emotify. Sparking a lot of conversation among recruiters, the concept of game-based assessments is cutting edge lately in the eLearning industry as well. GBA is being used by many employers to uncover the top talent and offer a path for the measurement of knowledge, skills, values, personality, motivation, and competencies of the learners. Here are a few examples of employers who have transformed their recruitment assessments from traditional to game-based.

Jaguar Land Rover: The car firm has developed an augmented reality app to help it select 1,000 electronic and software engineers and 4,000 other staff across all sectors. The challenges in the game-based assessments put a stronger focus on skills and talents than just on qualifications.

PwC: For the selection of candidates and their pre-hiring, PwC launched Career Unlocked, a new game-based assessment for recruitment. Career Unlocked aims to be an aptitude test taken differently and more engagingly.

Deloitte: The Deloitte game-based assessment is a psychometric test, designed to examine personality traits, such as a candidate’s perception of risk and their ability to innovate.

3 Things You Must know Before Using Game-Based Assessments

Delivery of Game-based Assessments

To evaluate a candidate’s personality skills and behaviors, the delivery system of the assessments matters as much as the content. Before including game-based assessments in your hiring process or eLearning training, the method of delivery must be decided before-hand. Are your game-based assessments carried in a training room with a facilitator or are the players given online access to the assessments via learning management systems?

Method of feedback for the assessment 

Feedbacks in game-based assessments are required to be meaningful and constructive instead of just informing players if they ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. Good feedback should justify how they were assessed and identify the specific qualities in the performance of the learners in a positive way. Moreover, the assessment should also encourage players to critically think about their performance and provide them guidance to improve.

Assessment Results and Report card

The results of the assessments indicate the candidate’s performance and provide valuable understandings of the player’s cognitive skills. The game-based assessment results can be recorded and tracked through a Learning management system. Results of these assessments can be accessed by recruiters, training managers or instructors/facilitators to gain valuable insights into how learners are performing— if the set learning objectives are being achieved by learners, or if the existing instructional design strategy needs to be improved.

Games and game-based assessments provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with technology positively, show their abilities and even reach individuals from a variety of backgrounds. For today’s millennial generation, assessments that only evaluate their logic and rational skills are not enough. Zillion eLearning allows you to deploy engaging game-based assessments to your candidates in seconds. Incorporate game-based assessments directly into your hiring workflow and corporate training, trigger them to candidates automatically, and check the test results right away.

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