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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Corporate Training

Coronavirus reported cases have risen rapidly in the period of a few months and COVID-19 has evolved from patient-zero to now a pandemic. Millions are quarantined and hundreds of cities are completely locked down. The deadly outbreak has left countries around the globe counting costs. Business owners are staggered at the big shifts in the world of commerce. Other industries including travel, healthcare industrial, agriculture, and education sectors have also faced visible disruptions due to the lockdown.

Though many governments have set to ease the lockdown in the fear of economic deprivation resulting in relaxing the restrictions on workplaces as well. However, there are still many businesses that choose to stay remote and continue working from home to reduce the transmission risk of coronavirus.

By entering this ‘new normal’, the human resource departments need to assure that employee training does not go neglected. Any on-site or instructor-led training you have in your L&D resources should be immediately moved online and converted into Virtual Live Training VLT to keep the employee training going.

This article will help you figure out what types of online employee training you need, to reimagine a Sustainable Future of Professional Learning and adapt to the pandemic.

Simulation-Based Employee Training

Simulation training is particularly a profound way of training employees because it empowers teams to face real-life situations through artificial intelligence, augmented, or virtual reality. Some L&D departments are reluctant in making any investment initially, however, it’s a strong option in riskier operations.

Simulation-based employee training enables your workers to gain first-hand knowledge of tools, software, or devices and out their skills into practice not just by reading books on theory or listening to lectures, but through physical, hands-on activity.


eLearning is the most common, cost-effective type of online employee training. It is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources such as computers, tablets, and even cellular phones that are connected to the internet. As mentioned above, the best thing about training is that employees can do their training in pretty much any device.

That being said, eLearning is the most accessible type of online training for companies with multiple departments and a large number of employees to train. Especially in industries with high turnover rates like the software industry, because it can be gamified to keep your employees engaged.

Virtual Mentorship Programs

As we know, Mentorship programs are key for employee retention and satisfaction. Mentoring is a type of relational training where an experienced employee focuses on a group of employees and supervises them in a way that’s different from traditional manager-managed relationships.

Virtual mentoring sessions over the phone or video-calls can help employees ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking in their workplace, leading to innovation and different outcomes in the workplace.

Online Employee Engagement

Though hiring a good professional is important for making a business run. But it is essential to keep your team motivated and employees engaged through employee engagement sessions. One of the most important ways to achieve that is holding group discussions.

Group discussions and meetings allow multiple employees to train at once in an environment that fosters cooperation between group members. This training is excellent for tech industries where teamwork is the core skill for employees. You can train your team leaders and senior employees to facilitate the discussions and create online prompts the entire team can solve together.

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