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Zillion eLearning Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Three years ago, today, Zillion eLearning was founded by Ilhan Chawla with the goal of providing out-of-box, cost-effective, and results-oriented eLearning solutions. We remain firmly committed to this goal and will do everything within our power to help make this happen.

Zillion eLearning played a huge role in pioneering E-learning industry in Pakistan. Being the only E-learning specialist company in Pakistan, we have won several innovative and excellence awards in last 3 years. We have represented Pakistan in worldwide E-learning industries beating many other global E-learning organizations to achieve a successful E-learning approach.

As eLearning grew, so did our offerings. Initially, we only provided eLearning solutions, but our offerings have expanded to include, Custom eLearning, Mobile eLearning, Rapid eLearning, Translation and Localization of courses, Game-based assessments and scenario-based eLearning to make knowledge transfer easier and effective. As our offerings grew, so has the Zillion eLearning network. Today, we have more than 100 projects completed with more than 120 Companies worldwide in more than 15 sectors. In 2019, National Foods and Zillion eLearning signed a long-term E-learning partnership to provide cost-effective, results-oriented and quality eLearning solutions to National Foods Ltd.

In the coming year, Zillion eLearning is looking forward to launching its own Learning Platform where our client-partners can leverage Zillion eLearning to their highest advantage. Our aim is to provide one-stop E-learning solutions. We are maturing into a Blended Learning company which is first of its kind in Pakistan keeping our promise of innovation, excellence and disrupting L&D industry in Pakistan.

We couldn’t have done it without you, our client-partners. Thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 3 years, and in the future. We hope to continue partnering with you to provide awesome E-learning and Blended Learning services for many more years to come.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to an exciting future. The last 3 years have been an incredible experience and the next many promise to be more exciting!

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