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4 Ways To Incorporate Gamification In E-Learning

Integrating gamification in eLearning and workplace is not a concept many of us would be unfamiliar with, yet only 61% of the learners come by with gamification in corporate training courses and 43% of employees still have never experienced any gamification at the workplace.

According to Karl Kapp, a gamification expert

Gamification does have great potential but, it’s not reaching that potential as currently implemented. However, when it is implemented it seems to be motivating

Gartner defines Gamification as

Usage of game mechanics and experience design to digitally involve and motivate learners to accomplish their goals

The techniques used in gamification include elements of gaming to increase engagement. Gamification is probably the most preferred eLearning solution provided by content developers as it assures a better understanding of the concept without the learner losing any interest or motivation.

At Zillion eLearning, gamification is being incorporated into eLearning training programs for the past 5 years to meet specific learning outcomes. Our Gamification techniques come with benefitting the learners by:

  1. Better learning experience.
  2. Rapid Feedback.
  3. User engagement.
  4. Promoting Behavioral Change.
  5. Motivates goal-tracking.

Ways to add Gamification in Training Courses

1. Badges

Including achievement, badges transform the fear of failing in the quiz into motivation to score the best and collect more badges. This method assures that the learner does not miss or ignores any important content.

 2. Progress Bars

When taking an eLearning course, it easy for the learner to lose track of the objectives they had set when starting the course. Making a specific start and end date can be a great help in remembering their growth. Adding progress bars or levels in the eLearning can keep the user engaged and motivated to leave the course only when they have reached the end.

3. Avatar Upgrades

The technique of Avatar upgrades is quite similar to badges but instead of unlocking other course features, it provides extra and customized avatar appearance. Apart from appearance it also includes added gears, automobiles, prolonged life and health for the avatar.

4. Leader Boards

Who doesn’t like showing off their achievements to their peers? Introducing weekly or monthly leaderboards to the eLearning courses will motivate the users to be on the top of the leaderboard and improve even more to beat someone’s high score.

Reach us out at info@zillionelearning.com for incorporating gamification in your eLearning pieces of training and changing your traditional eLearning methods to more immersive gamified methods.

By: Haya Umer

Digital Marketing Executive at Zillion eLearning

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