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4 Ways To Improve Corporate Training ROI With eLearning Solutions?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a business measure to regulate the success of an enterprise in financial terms. Though the formula of measuring ROI is quite easy and so is its methodology but measuring ROI in corporate training is not as easy as it sounds.

Our team of experienced e-learning content developers have gathered some ways that can assure your success with the help of eLearning solutions.

  • Personalization is the key

Using generic eLearning content taken from existing supplies is fast, cheap and easy. But does it promise to deliver maximum returns on your online training investment? No.

Instead of using off-the-shelf solutions, a company should always invest in customizing eLearning content according to the needs, policy, and culture of your companies. Only teaching the relevant company processes to the learners will not just save your time but also help in a Boosted ROI.

  • Cut Down on Development Time

The pressure of producing the best possible course in the minimum budget is pretty demanding in the eLearning industry. Rapid authoring tools help in cutting down almost 40% of the time in eLearning development.

Tools like Articulate Storyline 2 Adobe Captivate 9 and Shift are some of the most popular rapid authoring tools in the industry providing templates and fully loaded resources for developing content. The ROI of the Corporate Training program will eventually increase when the development time is reduced.

  • Saving Recruitment Cost

Most new employees decide whether they want to stay being a part of your organization or not in the first 15 days of their joining. Therefore, making a decent first impression by providing them with an incredible company’s onboarding program is essential to retain the employees. This will not just help you retain your workforce but also keep you safe from spending thousands of dollars on the recruitment.

A well-designed corporate training program having Gamification and other engaging visuals added can give a full insight into how the employee and the company will benefit each other mutually.

  • Integrating Social Media

Social media holds a vital role in our lives undoubtedly and can be used to assure the effectiveness of eLearning training programs.

Polls and question stickers can be used to enquire about learners’ honest feedback and opinions to make timely changes in the course. Creating Facebook groups as discussion forums and uploading articles is also a good way of making the course more interactive and motivating. All these tools are available for free and can be used without spending a single penny. 

Using the right eLearning solution for your objectives can be confusing but is achievable. Do you want to increase and measure your online training ROI? Zillion eLearning will assist you not only in choosing and developing the right strategy for your corporate training but also help you in boosting its ROI.

Just email us at  info@zillionelearning.com and get yourself free consultation.

By:Haya Umer

Digital Marketing Executive at Zillion eLearning

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