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Benefits of adopting Blended Learning Approach at work

What is the Blended training approach?

As the name of the training suggests, in blended training approach learners are educated with both online media and a traditional classroom along with a facilitator. It is the blend of online learning and face-to-face interaction adopted by most organizations and learners these days.

Benefits of Blended Learning Approach

Before applying this approach to your workplace, It is important to know how Blended learning can benefit the organization and the learners.

  • Higher User-Engagement

With the blended training approach, the learner can get the most of both the training systems. The diversification of visual content makes it more attractive. It keeps the learner engaged and grasp the content easily since the content is divided into different portions. Blended learning, being learner-centric gives more control to the learner which results in more user engagement and a better user experience.

  • Online community provided 24/7

The blended learning provides its users the ease of contacting their facilitator even after the session is over. This helps them clear away any confusion related to the course and its content. Not just the Trainer but the users can also hold discussions and exchange ideas with their peers through community chats and other forums. Provision of this assistance helps the trainer be aware of the learner’s progress, asses them online and provide further Training resources accordingly.

  • Faster Better Results

It is analyzed that the pieces of training given through Blended learning approach takes less time to complete as compared to ILTs and has proven to deliver better results. Employees are usually in a hassle of meeting deadlines, due to which they often brush away the idea of taking the time out for Training. However, with the interactive and engaging blended learning, it is easier for the learners to complete the training and gain a better understanding of the visually equipped content. In the end, Learners are having not just consumed the content but also retained it.

With the rise of personalization in digital media, learners are demanding customization in e-learning courses as well. Which involves self-paced learning, the Facility of interacting with the trainer and flexibility of being able to learn any time anywhere. This is also required because of increasing pressure on the employees of training themselves with new skills and at the same time delivering their everyday responsibilities. Work organizations are also preferring to adopt the Blended learning approach to minimize the pressure of budget and cut the expenses of hiring corporate trainers or ILTs.

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By: Haya Umer

Digital Marketing Executive at Zillion eLearning

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