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Challenges with Corporate Training Programs & How to Overcome Them?

eLearning is the new talk of the town and is being adopted by every corporate sector for greater productivity and imparting new skills among their employees. However even with the latest technologies and the convenience of learning from any where and any time, there are still some roadblocks and challenges the learners and corporate learning managers have to face. It is essential that the eLearning professional must know and overcome these challenges to avoid facing any downfall of the organization. But how to do it? We have listed down the most common challenges with corporate training programs for you along with their solutions.

Challenge#1: Global workforce

With the world transforming into a global village, a number of different sized corporate companies have also been expanding their work to various regions in order to hit a bigger profit score. By employing a global workforce in a multinational company, it should not come as a surprise that each employee will belong to a different country, speaking a different language. During employee training sessions, apart from a facing the challenge of language barrier, the risk of miscommunication rises as well.

To save the organization from any mishap or financial loss caused by linguistic obstructions, it is advised to educate the employees with multilingual Training programs. The programs can be translated and localized to reach the audience without any stumbling block.

Challenge#2: Generation gap

From traditionalists to Gen Z, our work places are employed with unique and skilled multigenerational individuals. Though this integration of different age groups brings a different outlook at work, but at the same time the generation gap can result in many difficulties in workplace learning. While millennials prefer non-repetitive content with interactive designs, the older generation finds reading pdf files more suitable. This makes it hard for the eLearning content developers to reach everyone through one training program.

The best way to avoid this inconvenience is to keep each generation and their way of absorbing knowledge in mind while scheming Training strategy. It involves creating visual content that can keep all the groups involved and engaged and the instructional design to be easily understood by everyone.

Challenge#3: User Engagement and feedback

Out of all the learners enrolled in online training programs,94% of the learners ends up dropping out. Lack of dedicated time, motivation, browser incompatibility and irrelevant content for eLearning results into learners not being able to digest the knowledge. This results into lesser user engagement therefore a negative feedback.We all agree that sitting in front of a screen and watching the slides loaded with texts is not just dreary but also boring. If the same course is changed with the right kind of visual content, gamification and relevant interactive content, the problem can easily be tackled. The micro-learning approach or blended learning approach  should also be adopted to cut-down the big blocks of text into smaller portions ,providing learners with both traditional and digital learning platforms to ensure user engagement.

We have listed the key hurdles in delivering an effective corporate training program. But as you have seen, every difficult challenge comes with an easy and manageable solution. If you are dealing with any trouble regarding your corporate training program, just email us at  info@zillionelearning.com.

By: Haya Umer

Digital Marketing Executive at Zillion eLearning

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