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How To Integrate eLearning Initiatives In Your L&OD Strategy

How To Integrate eLearning Initiatives In Your L&OD Strategy

It is not a secret that businesses today are faster than ever and if one is slow to adapt then they get left behind. Before the world of online learning even existed, the traditional physical in-person learning was the only option accessible for all. The global transition from traditional physical learning methodology to eLearning is yet another example of business transition and adaptability across the world.

Earlier last year in 2020, most organizations faced crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic, from decrease in demand causing impact in sales, to shifting the workforce towards virtual and opening doors to connect with one another virtually was a bigger challenge when we look back. It was then that the world recognized workplace learning as one of the hardest challenging business activities. However, they couldn’t pause employee development and capability building for long and therefore the most adopted technological solutions towards learning are being adapted now offering people comfort, convenience and cost.

In a world where eLearning brings more opportunities than before, digital learning and development strategy is now all about shaping the way your organization uses digital learning in various forms. This includes different blogs and videos to webinars, online collaborations with learning partners through online courses, or by implementing rapid eLearning through immersive experiences and resources.

Companies that invest more in human capital development and organizational development have employees which are capable, agile and more professionals. According to Gallup’s survey, only 13% employees are highly engaged at workplace while 26% of employees would prefer to work somewhere else and 70% employees think that learning and development initiatives could influence their reason of staying within a company, in which they are currently working in.

Here are some ways in which your organization can integrate eLearning initiatives in their L&OD strategy.

  • Focus on Microlearning

Microlearning includes (in between 3-6 minutes) short videos, quizzes, gamified modules designed to meet up a specified learning objective. They tend to increase engagement up to 50%, leading to more retention for employees with reduced costs for organizations.

The new generation of learners in the workforce with millennials now being at managerial positions and Gen-Z being part of corporate workforce, they work with relatively shorter attention span compared to baby boomers. To keep up with their attention span and their ability to focus, learning and development professionals can add microlearning strategy to improve learning culture, increase engagement and implement effective courses with lesser cost compared to in person training.

  • Personalized Learning

Like in classroom, we hear that no two children are same, or their ability to grasp on things are same. One of the way to look into that is by offering personalized learning experience to employees. In this methodology, employees learn in the personalized learning space using a data-drive approach to see their understanding, skills and knowledge. Personalized learning delivers content on specific topic addressing areas where individuals need to work on and they can focus on what matters most. Since this offers individuals to learn on what matters most to them and improve accordingly, adding this way in in corporate learning and organizational development improves the retention level of employees compared to other ways. Example: YouTube videos, Facebook Watch videos, employee onboarding training as different employees will require to learn different things at a time. Thinking about exploring this for your company, book your adventure call.

  • Virtual Reality Augmented Reality

In the corporate world, the one size fits all is now redundant and is replaced with different ways to implement learning fast and effective among employees. VR and AR supports in developing imagination during learning. A proven and effective way to improve interest and effectiveness during learning. AR helps learners to view things they were not viewing on their screens letting people to imagine better. While VR lets one imagine simulation which reduces the chance of human error to handle specific tasks in particular. This has increased interest of individuals and their curiosity to learn more.

  • Use Gamification to Improve Learning

Gamification is used to create game like learning experience where individuals mind gets creative, enhances mood and improves their thinking process through different challenges.

If your employees get excited and motivated with games, and you are thinking to opt gamification technique that aligns with organizational goals and business objectives. for your next training, contact our experts for a demo today and can get the chance to try out our new product and as place an early order for your organization.

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