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The growing need of digital learning is of benefit to the society. With widespread enrollment and its cost effectiveness, eLearning is contributing towards human capital development now more than ever with better communication, improved performance and skills.

What is eLearning?

It is easier to understand what eLearning is when we call it as delivering of education using electronic media. Everybody considers it as some training based on slides that provides with small tests/quizzes as well. But not all trainings require the same technique. There are various ways to increase its effectiveness.

Importance of eLearning

eLearning has proved itself as the best means in corporate sector because professionals are able to conduct their online sessions whereas employees are able to attend them by sitting anywhere. It has proven to be cost effective and takes 40% to 60% less time to complete when compared to traditional learning.

Organizations using eLearning at their workplace have reduced their cost, time and with use of gamification and videos they have seen increased learning involvement and employee engagement.

The Significance Of eLearning

Every person who has used computer is been through the concept of eLearning. Now with the corona virus pandemic, as people were initially having hard time while staying at home, it became a much bigger need for organizations and institutions more than ever.

Levels of eLearning

One of the most important aspect of eLearning is its interactivity. When learners interact in an online course, pace of learning goes up. If E-learning interaction is correct, learners can develop emotional as well as intellectual connection. This increase productivity hence better results will be seen.

There are certain levels of interactivity in E-learning and levels is a term used in eLearning that refers to concepts such as user interaction, complications and level of sophistication of the course. There are four levels of interactivity in E-learning.

  • Passive Learning Interactivity

Passive eLearning interactivity level is number one level of interactivity in E-learning. It is linear, direct, clear, straight-forward, text-based and is considered basic training. This kind of learning provides zero interactivity. Multiple text-based resources like research papers, journals and popular blogs. This level also might include links or connections to podcasts, videos, images or maybe test questions.

The sequence of screen in this level is fixed and learner cannot choose anything on their own. Learners’ interactivity can be effective only in communicating simple concepts but other than that it is not very motivating for learners at it confines them in a box where it is hard to move and open up with creativity.

  • Limited eLearning Interactivity Level

Limited participation is second stage where simple, and straightforward interaction is required to associate with the learning condition through interactive activities.

  • Moderate eLearning Interactivity Level

Moderate interaction takes place where experience becomes more complex. The eLearning may include videos, simulations, altered sound, stories and multimedia.

  • Full eLearning Interactivity Level

In this level of intelligence employees have full control over their learning condition. In this the learners interact with their learning content and are required to give feedback as well. Thus, by improving online learners’ communication and technological skills, online learning is contributing to the improvement of our society.

Interested in learning more about eLearning interactivity and how customized interactivity can benefit your employees. Contact our team for a customized solution for your organization.

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