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Why Gamification Enhances the Learning Experience?

It is education and knowledge that grooms us and teaches us to conduct and process our thoughts. The will to find out more doesn’t depend on age for humans. We are always curious to learn new things.

In order to make students learn using their full potential, it is important to look for ways that will help them in achieving. It is possible only when the educational methods are explored.

Its been a few years when people have been looking for ways to make eLearning process better. It is a known fact that people tend to remember things they see rather than what they read. Out of all the types that e-learning offers, the most engaging and collaborative way of learning is games and simulations. It proves learning results as it provides better dynamic of understanding. The average attention span of a human brain is almost 10 seconds which pushes us to look for ways like gamification in order to pass new information.

Gamification is basically a technique of designing games with game elements and principles in non-game contexts. It is a way to solve problems by using game principles. It is a process to engage and motivate people to achieve their goal.

These are few reasons that motivates to use gamification as an essential method of eLearning:
Gamification in eLearning improves engagement of learners
Games are the most important and interactive form of e-learning that enables students to effectively participate in educational content. You will be able to provide students with specific challenges and provide them with an obvious reason to stay connected. Educational materials and gamification make the training process interesting, not only for children but also for adults. By implementing AR/VR technology in your platform, you can even help students experience real-life challenges in an extremely safe environment. Interest and engagement goes hand in hand. Gamification tend to hold attention for a longer period that will keep learners enjoy and learn on a faster pace.
Gamification in eLearning increases motivation
Learners feel more contented and accomplished when they are recognized, it doesn’t matter if the recognition is on which level, public or private. The major part of games are rewards that can motivate the learner in struggling more. It will also help learner in engaging and paying more attention to the game. The satisfaction of learner will end up in giving benefits to your organization as well. There are two kind of motivations that help people to pave their way to their goal. Internal motivation that comes from within. The example to this is the development of skills or the feeling of gaining more confidence. The other one is external motivation that comes from outside. Rewards is one if the biggest example as it helps in provide motivation. Rewards are better than giving punishments and so they have a better effect on learners.

Gamification provides instant Feedback

Feedback is an important part of high-quality learning. It is well known fact in the game, in which a person wins or receives positive feedback, feels content this is due to the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. In view of these elements of winning a challenge or achieving a goal successfully, it is advocated that educational sports have a similar influence. With the game experience of completing educational modules and upgrading, you can immediately view and assess your progress. Real-time feedback is more relevant and valuable to users, and helps users understand which topics deserve attention or require more practice. It is well known fact in the game, in which a person wins or receives positive feedback, is the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. In view of these elements of winning a challenge or achieving a goal successfully, it is suggested that educational sports have a similar influence.
Game dynamics gives players a reason to keep on playing or learning. From learners perspective, gamification helps in productivity and in understanding more. This method has proved itself to be more interesting than traditional eLearning.

In today’s world, games are winning. In the past, points, rewards and other games tactics have proved themselves very motivating. Why not use the same strategies to bring motivation in learners for betting results?

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