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We live in a world of continuous change where trends are fluctuating in the eLearning industry very rapidly. The progress of eLearning post coronavirus pandemic is growing promptly due to lockdown restrictions in almost every part of the world. This makes it easier to understand why eLearning industry took a flight to the sky in the past few months. Just as its unpredictable growth during a couple of months, it’s harder to decide even in the last month of 2020 that where the industry is going to sit in next year.
Due to covid, many companies had to adapt different ways to make things work more quickly than they expected. It feels like 2020 was the year in which the whole world has been through a roller coaster of changes. The pandemic made people to sit at home and work from there. A very huge number of employees are still working remotely because the pandemic is still somewhere around the corner. According to a global survey, it has been stated that majority of people from all over the world are working from home and are so contented that they are reluctant to start again from their respective offices.

The instability in economy due to the current situation is effecting employee as well as eLearning budget. The big picture of eLearning for the next year will be different from the current year and is equally unpredictable but since we have been in it for a long time now, there are few things that can be anticipated.

2020 made companies fire their employees and people went through a very rough patch due to this. With no new hiring in other companies, people tended to lose their savings as well. Even the people who were working from home were not sure that how long their company is going to survive. So instead of being a one job person, people started to think in different perspective which made them think about having more than one skill set that will help them in their financial situation. Different methods of eLearning helped employees in keeping up with their job in this year and these methods will go a long way in the upcoming year as well.

Covid effected everything badly including the budget of companies. Since eLearning is an efficacious way, most of them were willing to spend some on it. But they will prefer methods of eLearning that require less of their effort. In order to proceed this, it is actually a task for eLearning companies to work a bit smarter. They will be needing some more proficient ways in order to make it all happen.

Since the pandemic made people to sit at home and work from there, companies found their ways to make the best out of it. As soon as the lockdown was over, it was expected from the offices to be open again. But the pandemic make many people realize how it can be done. So many companies are not even considering to change the work environment for their employees and are good with employees working remotely. All of this will be done using eLearning. As companies make sure to provide their employees with the best of everything, eLearning will help in making difference in the lives of employees working from home.

In this world, where everything is changing in blink of an eye, traditional ways of working and even studying have altered. This means that eLearning is playing a huge role in providing people with all kind of support. Improved eLearning is paving new ways for a better future.

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